We stay on top of your accounts receivable

so you can focus on running your business.

For an organization to meet its goals in terms of cash flow, it needs to have effective Accounts Receivables process ensures that companies can get back their payments in a shorter duration of time, improve their collection rates and ensure faster processing of invoices which will all contribute to increasing the cash flow.

Billing dashboard at the tips of your hand

Profit Pad Bookkeeping software syncs with invoices and proposals
Our team helps monitors your accounts receivable at all times so you don’t have to. We will keep your accounts receivable up-to-date and provide timely aging reports that you need to manage your collections faster.

What we do each month

Billing Summary Update
Each month, we prepare and send you a monthly update of your accounts receivable summary.

Notification and follow up
Notify your customers for outstanding balances through our email management system. Follow up with customers, if requested.

Sync with banking and cashflow
Our bookkeeping team will sync your banking to ensure cash flow from accounts receivable is accurate.

Account Receivables Service

It’s all online and flexible for your needs, including:


  • Account Receivable Dashboard
  • Attached documents such as proposal or receipts
  • Email Notification
  • Optional: Weekly Updates
  • Sync with banking transactions
Accounting  integrations

Integrate your accounting with Profit Pad Bookkeeping service to automatically sync proposals and invoicing.

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