Client Profile:

FM Builder Inc. is a General Contractor that was founded in 2013 with outstanding reputation and uncompromising commitment to quality and safety. The company provides excellence in a full spectrum of preconstruction, design development, inspection, and quality control services.



One business owner. Too many subcontractors and receipts to keep track for all job sites. No easy way to sort them quickly or prioritize, especially on the job everyday.


Profit Pad dedicates a bookkeeper to complete the missing accounting tasks of the company while providing a software to update the company ledger.


Johnny H. is able to fully concentrate on the project for his clients without feeling burnt from delayed paperwork and bookkeeping when he goes home.

Johnny says the challenge is “being everywhere at all times,” and still being able to manage the cost activities such as direct labor and direct material to different job sites. Right now, his company consists of just him and two other foremen.


“Before I could work eight hours, to include 2 hours driving, go home, and relax. Now I’m on call all the time handling technical issues as our company is growing.

When researching bookkeeping service, Johnny was first attracted to Profit Pad not only because of its price point, but also an enticing online feature to create and save documents such as proposal and invoicing tools .


He is really impressed with Profit Pad’s bookkeeper professionalism and experience with construction accounting practices. Our business accounting needs are different than most industries.


Essential business features included


Yet, for Johnny, price was not the only deciding factor. Previously relying solely on his excel spreadsheets to create his proposals and invoicing was not ideal for his business. He is not able to keep track of the various drafts and final billing to his customers.

For example, cloud document storage and invoice features allow him to upload all of his approval docs from his clients, image of the job site, and important documents for a particular job without being afraid of losing them. All of these documents are stored within his proposal. “I write a lot of proposals and bid for contracts so I need to be able to secure and retrieve all of those information quickly,” he says.


From a productivity standpoint


Profit Pad keeps track of all the costs and separates them into projects. Johnny says the web software is easy to use to find all his costs, scanned receipts, or invoices in one central system whenever he is at home or on the job site.

Having a professional bookkeeper to close monthly books and eliminating the cost of hiring a full time bookkeeper or office manager to keep track of the company’s profitability are a cost saver.


Does Profit Pad fits into his plans for growing his business?


Absolutely,” Johnny notes. “My vision is win more contracts and bids from my growing client list. More projects mean more paperwork and figuring where costs are important. I can still do business development while Profit Pad support my bookkeeping needs with their subscription based pricing.”

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