How our online

Bookkeeping works

We give you a team of bookkeepers and account manager to do your books, and intuitive software to monitor your financials. It’s everything you need to do you bookkeeping – without actually having to do your bookkeeping.

What we do each month

We do your bookkeeping
At the beginning of the month, our app will automate the reconciliation of your books and our team will produce your financial statements.  The final reconciliation takes less than 3-5 days.
Get in touch if you have question
It’s normal to have questions about your books. That’s why we’re here. Send us a message.  We will get back to you usually within 3-6 hours. You can also book a call with your team whenever you like.
We might need your input
While we’re working on your books, we may need to ask your help to properly categorize a transaction.  We’ll send you a message with a few categorization options to pick from, and then you can can let us know where it belongs.

After the end of each month

Once your books are complete
You’ll get a message from your bookkeeping team letting you know that your books are ready as well as a monthly report. For the first two months, we will review your books with you over phone conference. These reviews are great for you to ask any questions you have about the reports. After this point, we will let you decide how often you ‘d like to connect with us on the phone.

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